History Of The Fundation

The Dog Therapy Foundation "Husky Team" was established on February 15, 2008, however we have been helping children and those living alone long before the Foundation was formed. Since 2007, we have been visiting assisted-living and foster-care homes with Siberian Huskies, where we conduct dog therapy group activities. Now, we are continuing our Foundation's efforts by bringing our dog therapy team to the Special Educational School Center (Specjalnym Ośrodku Szkolno-Wychowawczym) in Sanoku, SOSW in Kobylanka, WPOW in Zagórzany. To promote a healthy lifestyle, we visited pre-school children and adolescents. We also conduct physical therapy with the help of the dogs through touch which encourages the movement of adults with disabilities.

Primary Goals

The goals of our Foundation are to provide free activities to people with disabilities, promote and conduct physical therapy through the use of animals, and to help rehabilitate people who are sick or have disabilities, and those who are alone.

The Foundation is accomplishing these goals through these objectives:

  • Therapy using touch with the help of animals to help rehabilitate people with disabilities of illnesses and people who are alone.
  • Organizing cultural events, sports competitions, and recreational activities.
  • Organizing seminars on how to breed dogs and other animals.
  • Arranging training on topics related to the activities of the Foundation.
  • Encouraging the promotion and dissemination of knowledge about healthy lifestyles.
  • Giving information on how to take care of animals.
  • Creating a therapeutic center.
  • Collecting scientific knowledge about the therapy involving animals and its use in rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
  • Promoting the activities of the Foundation through radio, television, press, internet.
  • Cooperating with educational centers.
  • Arranging the collection and provision of funds for purposes of maintaining the Foundation.
  • Cooperating with other foundations and associations with similar objectives action.


  • The continuing cooperation with the educational centers and foster-case homes.
  • A series of meetings in kindergartens and schools with children and youth in the promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • Started program: "Active Life = Healthy Life" (multimedia presentations, dog therapy entertainment, rides with dogs using various apparatuses).
  • Began program "My Dog, My Safest Friend".
  • Constructed recreational outdoor space for dog therapy where therapeutic classes and picnics are held to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Dog Therapy Foundation "Husky Team"
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